Recommended for: Everyone
Period: April – November
What to bring: Good shoes and clothings, sunglasses, sun cream, money for souvenirs
Requirements: Average fitness
Level of difficulty: Easy tour
Minimum age: Children under 10 with adult supervision
Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
From 689 EUR /4 person min.
Reservation: +38761343420

Day 1: Arrival and Tito’s Bunker Tour

Arrival to Sarajevo Airport, transport to Konjic and accommodation in Hostel Stećak. Tour to Tito’s bunker.

We will go on a tour to Tito’s bunker or ARK, which stands for the Atomic War Command, one of the best kept secrets of former Yugoslavia. With construction lasting for 26 years (1953 – 1979) and costing 4.6 billion USD, the bunker was built under the mountain Zlatar with the deepest point of 280 m underground. This atomic shelter could withstand a nuclear attack up to 25 kilotones. The bunker has a few alternative exits that are not shown on the map, which lead on the top of the mountain Zlatar. ARK occupies space of 6,400 square meters and include more than 100 rooms. It is a complex facility with conference rooms, offices, communication block, blocks for water supply, oil, air – conditioning and many more. The bunker was built to accomodate and protect 350 members from the highest military and state leadership of former Yugoslavia in case of a nuclear attack. They could stay here for 6 months without any contact with outside world. One of the most interesting blocks in the bunker is Tito’s private residence.

After lunch, organized visit of cultural and historical heritage sites (Heritage Museum, Old Stone Bridge, Woodcarving museums „Mulic’s rekord“ and „Rukotvorine Nikšić“, tombstone necropolis in Varda).

Accommodation is organized in Hostel Stećak Konjic.

Day 2: Hiking Tour of mountain Prenj – the Herzegovina Himalayas

After breakfast, participants travel with organized transport to the starting point of the tour, Tisovica (Prenj). Theoretical and practical preparations with our licensed guide. The hiking tour towards the highest peaks of the mountain Prenj starts from Tisovica (1300 m), one of the most beautiful valleys in B&H, stretching 5 km in the heart of the herzegovinian Himalayas. From Tisovica our path leads us through the coniferous forest to the mountain house Vrutak (1650 m), on the peak of the valley Tisovica. From the mountain house Vrutak, a marked path leads uphill towards the Prenj peaks Otiš (2093 m) and Zelena Glava (2155 m), and further leads to the saddle that connects these peaks.

This one day tour lasts about lasts about 6 hours, dependent on the fitness of the team members. Hiking to the Prenj mountain is organized with short breaks (for taking photos, one meal/lunch box). The herzegovinian Himalayas (Prenj) is considered to be the most attractive mountain in B&H. Its peaks are highly exciting for hikers who enjoy the enchantment of untouched nature. Overnight stay with dinner is organized in Hostel Stećak Konjic.

Participants need to provide their own clothing and shoes, as well as additional clothes for change. We will provide with a lunch box (sandwich, juice, fruit, chocolate) during the tour.

Day 3: Rafting on the Neretva river – crystal drinkable river

After breakfast, participants go with organized transport to the starting point of the rafting tour, village Glavatičevo. Once there, equipment as well as theoretical and practipal preparation will be given by licensed rafting skippers / guides.

Once we begin rafting tour towards Mali (the Small) canyon and mouth of the Rakitnica river, small breaks for taking photos and swimming will be included. We will also take a break at the Štrojila rapid, where participants will have an opportunity to jump into the extremely fast rapids (body rafting). The tour continues with more opportunities for taking photos, swimming, diving and jumping until we get to Ljuta, where the tour finishes. At the end of the tour, showes and hot water are provided in our rafting base. After that, the participants go to lunch at the restaurant.

The length of the rafting tour from Glavatičevo to Ljuta is about 23 km and it lasts approximately 5 hours. All necessary equipment for rafting is provided (boats, neoprene vest, helmet, boots and rain jacket). Participants need to provide their own swimsuits, as well as additional clothes for change.

Overnight stay is organized in Hostel Stećak Konjic.

Day 4:Sarajevo city tour and visit to Vrelo Bosne (spring of river Bosna)

After breakfast, participants go with organized transport to Sarajevo. Tour to the old town from the 15t century (Baščaršija, Gazi Husref-bey’s Mosque, Gazi-Husref-bey’s bezistan – market, Sebilj, City Hall, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Latin bridge – Princip’s bridge). Lunch at Baščaršija, the old city center.

Departure to Vrelo Bosne, the spring of river Bosna. The presence of water, lush vegetation and cool breeze from mountain Igman is an experience that visitors cannot forget. In this area you can feel the beauty of the untouched nature. Flora and fauna near the spring are rich and unique, and contribute to the beauty of the landscape. This is an ideal place for relaxing and recreation in the fresh air during the hot summer days.

Further, we depart to Lukomir for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 5: Lukomir village tour

After breakfast, an organized tour through the village and relaxing and socializing with locals while drinking traditional Bosnian coffee. Always hospitable people in Lukomir will invite you into their old and unique Bosnian houses. You will be able to see how they make souvenirs and prepare traditional dishes. Lukomir, located at 1495 m above sea level, is isolated in beautiful countryside and has unique architecture, culture and history. It is proclaimed as cultural landscape and national heritage site of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Further we go with organized transport to the olympic mountains Igman and Bjelašnica, while making short breaks for taking photos.

The next destination is Jablanica, where we have organized lunch – roasted lamb, before we move on to Mostar. Dinner and accommodation in one attractive location in the old city of Mostar.

Day 6: City tour of Mostar and Blagaj

After breakfast, the participants go to Mostar city tour, including visits of cultural-historical monuments: the Old Bridge (UNESCO), Old Town (kujundžiluk ), Karađoz-bey’s mosque, towers Tara and Halebija and the Museum of Herzegovina.

Transport to Blagaj. This medieval town of the once existing Zachlumia country, which after mid 15th century turned into today’s Herzegovina region of B&H. On the cliffs above the Buna spring is the strategically placed fortress of Herceg Stjepan Kosača, looking over the beautiful panoramic view of the Neretva valley.

Lunch at the restaurant next to the river Buna. Departure to Mostar, dinner and overnight stay.

Day 7: Visits of Međugorje, Počitelj and Kravice waterfalls

After breakfast, participants go with organized transport to Međugorje, located between the hills in the southern part of B&H. Međugorje is famous for the Virgin Mary who was sighted there. This is now a catholic place of pilgrimage. After visit to Međugorje, we depart to Kravice waterfalls. Kravice waterfalls is a natural phenomenon similar to Niagara’s waterfalls, where the water arc wide over 150 m falls from the height of 30 m, creating a loud sound and pearl rain. This is an ideal place for refreshment on a hot summer day. Free time and taking photos on the waterfalls.

We will visit the bird reserve Hutovo Blato. It is a swamp created by the underground aquifer system of the river Krupa. This sub-mediterranean wetland surrounded with Deransko lake, is home to 240 species of birds on their migration route, as well as to dozens of species whom this habitat is a permanent residence. During the migration, tens of thousands of birds fill this lake and its surroundings. The best way for watching the birds and enjoying Hutovo Blato is a boat tour, which is included. Hutovo Blato has 163 registered species of birds from 39 families. Lunch after the tour.

On our way back, we will visit the medieval ottoman city Počitelj, placed on the left bank of Neretva, 30 km from Mostar. This is the place where bosnian king Tvrtko built a fortress in 1383, conquered by Ottomans from 1471 to 1878, which is witness by numerous monuments from the ottoman era.

Dinner and overnight stay are organized in Mostar.

Day 8: Departure

After breakfast, guests depart with organized transport to the International Airport in Sarajevo.

Arrangement includes
Professional licensed tour guides and instructors
Seven (7) overnights / eight (8) days
Meals per day with a drink
City tours to Konjic, Sarajevo, Jablanica, Mostar, Blagaj, Međugorje and Počitelj
Visits nature park Hutovo blato and waterfall Kravice
Village tour Lukomir – Village from the XIV century
Rafting on the river Neretva – crystal drinkable river
Hiking to mountain Prenj – Herzegovina Himalaya
For all activities provided (professional equipment / insurance / licensed guides)
Transport for the activities envisaged by arrangement
CD with photos
Whole travel organization